These are the brands of Medianaut

The only way to do it, is to do it!
Founded by Karel Overlaet in 2003, Medianaut offers more than one brand.
Contact me should you want more information.
VAT: BE 0861.429.581 is a brand of Medianaut.

Through this webshop we sell earrings and also deliver tailormade solutions.

We have a Facebook group, a Facebook page and an Instagram account.

Berchem, Belgium

This is the first nautical news photo brand established in Belgium. I publish in national and international magazines and websites (see this page). Photoshoots on demand are also a part of my work. RIBs, powerboats ... are my passion.

I have a Facebook page with lots of photos.

Berchem, Belgium


RIBs ONLY is a brand of Medianaut. is dedicated to the Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB). Some RIBs  have a cabin and sundecks. Other RIBs are fitted for fishing and racing.

We have a Facebook group with the same name and a Twitter account.

Berchem, Belgium


Varen voor Autisme vzw

Varen voor Autisme vzw (boating for autism) is a non-profit organization that gives kids with autisme a free ride on the sea in a RIB. The project is called Horizon.

I have a Facebook group with the same name.

Berchem, Belgium is a brand of Medianaut. This site is dedicated to pure powerboating. It is the first and the only one in Belgium.
Many videos make you enter this fantastic world.

I have a Facebook group with the same name.

Berchem, Belgium is a brand of Medianaut. In 1999 it was a linkpage, no more no less. It evolved to a blog and now it's a forum for pleasure navigation.

The forum is in Flemish and has members in the Netherlands as well.

Berchem, Belgium
https:// is a brand of Medianaut.

It's like it says in its baseline: you ain't seen nothing yet. You won't see much on the website. I installed it to have the domain name. There is a placeholder Facebook page.

Berchem, Belgium


The Future of Learning

The Future of Learning is a brand of Medianaut. As the creator of bingel (e-learning platform in Primary Education, Sanoma Learning) I am very interested in how learning could take place in the future.
I write down my own thoughts in this blog.

Berchem, Belgium


Medianaut moves

There is more to come ... Turning some wheels.